The NSA is apparently collecting the phone records of billions of Americans.

And it’s doing it in secret.

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald reported on Thursday that the agency is secretly tapping into a US company that provides Internet-connected appliances like smart meters to power homes, and using the data to track the locations of individuals and groups.

This is how it works.

The NSA wants to know which devices the Americans have connected to their WiFi hotspots.

The company can then determine the location of the devices by looking at a few keystrokes on their mobile devices.

That information is fed into a database of “metadata” collected by the NSA from phone and internet data.

The NSA also collects the location information of people who are connected to those WiFi hotspot networks.

This data can then be used to identify people who have called the phones and Internet service providers that are connected.

The metadata can be used by the agency to identify where a person has been or is about to be.

The data can also be used in the “backdoor search” for the identity of a suspected terrorist.

This is done in order to identify the location, the time and the date of a crime.

In a blog post, Greenwald said that he had spoken with a senior US intelligence official who confirmed that the collection of phone metadata by the National Security Agency was being done by an “outside entity” that is not the NSA.

This kind of “back door search” is part of a broader program called Prism, which is an effort by the US government to collect vast amounts of data from foreign intelligence agencies.

The documents obtained by Greenwald show that the FBI, the CIA and NSA are involved in this program.

In June, the US House Intelligence Committee released a report stating that the bulk collection of Americans phone records was illegal under the Constitution.

The US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has also requested an investigation into the NSA’s practices, as well as the NSA and the Federal Communications Commission.

In response to a Guardian inquiry about the NSA collecting and storing Americans phone metadata, the NSA responded in a statement that the intelligence community is constantly looking for new ways to enhance our capabilities.

It is our mission to ensure the nation’s security and our ability to protect the privacy of our customers, and we will continue to improve our ability and capacity to detect, prevent and respond to attacks,” the statement said.

The National Security Council has also said that the US has the ability to collect metadata on foreign targets from internet providers and companies, but it would not say how many times it has done so.

The program is not limited to the United States.

According to the Guardian, the agency has also been using this information to track communications of foreign nationals in the US, and to identify individuals who have been communicating with terrorists.

The statement from the National Intelligence Council said that this data “is being collected to identify, disrupt and mitigate foreign-sponsored terrorism.”

A spokesman for the NSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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