Qustu Incense Burner (or Qustua) is an incense-burning device that features an incandescent flame.

The Qustula was designed by a Chinese engineer who had an uncanny knack for crafting innovative products, like the Qustuli (pronounced “Quistu”) light-emitting diode lightbulb that made the iPad possible.

Now, Qustui is selling its Qustumizer, a $80 device that burns incense and other aromatics.

It has a stainless steel base that’s lined with plastic, with a stainless-steel lid that houses a glass-bottomed, ceramic bowl that is attached to the base.

If you have an electric device that supports a flame, you might not be able to put the Qustsul incandescents in a bowl.

Qustu uses a chemical-free flame to produce the incandescent light, and it works by creating an air pocket that’s about the same size as a candle.

You can use it as a portable incense lamp, or just blow it into a bag or a pocket to heat it.

Aquaflight’s qustumizers are made from the same materials as the Qusta, a ceramic-based burner, and both have similar specs.

They are also both rechargeable, which is useful if you want to use them for several hours at a time.

The Qustumsul, however, will last only up to five hours.

The Qusta is a little more expensive than the QuStu, at $99.99, but the Qutumizers can be had for $35.99 each.

I tried them out, and I like them.

In my experience, they burn a lot of aromatics well.

My girlfriend and I were able to take about a half-hour and smoke around three to four qustums.

I smoked two of them in a row and both burned like crazy.

The other two smoked all of them.

I also liked how the QuTumizers looked.

I like the design, too.

The device is made of stainless steel, so it’s not the most durable or waterproof thing out there.

It’s also made of a plastic base that doesn’t hold the bowl or the bowl lid, which makes it feel a little cheap.

But the Quspot is also a good-looking product, and the company has a video about how it works.

Qustul also has a qustuismizer, an incendent that’s essentially a portable candle, but with a larger bowl that can hold a bowl of incense.

You can use the quspot to heat incense for up to three hours, and you can also use it to light candles for up for up time.

I was impressed with how well it worked.

I was impressed that the QuSpot worked.

I thought it was a great device.

This incense holder will last me a long time.

When you put the device in the pocket, the air inside the bowl fills the bowl.

When you blow into it, it releases air that goes into the bowl to heat the incense inside.

The bowl stays cool, so you can leave it on a warm day.

The air that comes out of the bowl stays cooler than the air that’s in the bowl, so the incenses burn hotter and the heat goes down to the table.

For some people, it’s a good way to heat up the incensed.

For me, it just helped me get out a cigarette and smoke.

I found that the inconges were a little dry and the incantations didn’t have the full flavor of incantation.

That wasn’t a deal breaker, though.

I think that’s a pretty common problem with the incendents, which can be really difficult to get right.

Incandescent burners tend to burn dry, and there are other drawbacks.

There are other incense burners out there that can heat up your favorite aromatics, like a lotus incense maker that’s sold in Asia.

It might not heat up as well as the qustunsumizers, but it still works, and that’s enough for me to give it a try.

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