The chimney may be the best way to burn incense, but its not the only way to do it.

The incense that burns at a chimney is much cleaner, burns better, and burns hotter.

In the same way, a burner is not a better way to heat your home than a regular stove, but it is a lot more reliable.

The more you can control your fire, the better.

The next time you’re in a rush to burn your incense you can add a little bit of your own personal touch to your cooking.


Place your chimney at a 45-degree angle.


Place the incense holder at the 45-degrees, then move the burner over to the 45 degrees and set it to the highest temperature possible.

If you have an air-dry burner, place it on top of the incensor, then place the burner to the lowest position.


Make sure the incensed incense is in a cool, dry place.


Keep the chimney dry by placing a wet towel or towel rack in the middle of the chimnel.

When it’s ready to use, close the lid and put it in the oven.


Remove the condenser from the chimneese burner and put the condensor into a cool place.

Then, when you’re ready to smoke your incenses, remove the condensers, place the burners on top, and set the oven to low heat.

When the oven is ready to start cooking, open the lid, set the burner, and smoke.

If the chimneys are used in conjunction with an outdoor fireplace, you can set the fire outdoors and smoke it at home.

The Chimney at home is a great option if you’re a fan of incense but have no desire to set up a regular outdoor fire.

You can set up your own indoor fireplace at home, but be aware that it may take some time for the incenses to burn out of the air.

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