The Persian Incense burner is one of the most expensive incense burners available, costing upwards of $1,000.

If you’re looking to add to your collection of the Japanese style incense, however, it’s a good bet you’re going to want to upgrade your stock of the burner.

The Persian burner is very similar to the burner that comes with your gas stove, except for a few things.

The Persians are all made of the same kind of incense oil, and the burner is made from stainless steel, which is a lot lighter and more durable than other burner options.

It comes with a large ceramic bowl that holds a tiny amount of oil, making it easier to carry around and easier to set.

The downside to this burner is that it only comes with one bowl, and it has to be placed on a tray for a long time to burn.

It’s also the only burner available that comes only in a black plastic bag.

However, because the bag is made of stainless steel and the bowl is made out of ceramic, it should be relatively easy to wash and clean.

In my experience, I’ve never experienced any issues with the Persians oil burning or burning out when it’s been sitting on the burner for too long.

The oil does seem to take on a nice, bright yellow color when the bowl burns, and when I put the bowl on a burner and started to heat up, it turned the yellow color.

It is, however a bit difficult to see when the burner burns.

It does tend to burn out slightly when the oil is heated up, though.

The burner itself is very sturdy, with the bowl and the lid being solid.

It doesn’t seem to leak oil when it is on, either.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a Persians incense is that they are not a very efficient burner.

The burner is actually a very small unit, and as you can see from the picture, it is a bit cumbersome to carry.

You’ll also want to make sure you can get your hands on the right size incense bowl before you buy one.

There are also a lot of other ways to buy Persians, but if you want to invest in a high-quality burner, I’d definitely recommend picking up the Persian.

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