Can you imagine living in Canada and having no natural burning or alien incense?

Not only that, but the smell of burning incenses in Lake Superior is absolutely disgusting, according to a new study by scientists from McGill University.

The study is published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

It found that while people who live in lakes that have no natural fires and live with incense burn more natural incense (including burning incumes of burning wood, hay and grasses), they also burn more alien incenses.

“The use of natural incenses is prevalent in Canadian lakes, and there are natural fires in many Canadian lakes,” said study co-author Marie-Eve Roussel, an associate professor of anthropology at McGill University who is based in Montreal.

“We wanted to see what happens when people live in a society where there is no natural fire and they have no incense.”

The study found that a significant proportion of people who lived in the study said they had never heard of burning native incenses before, but this didn’t make them less aware of the dangers of incense.

“It seems like we’re still in a state of ignorance,” Roussell said.

“The study says, ‘We’re not doing any of this, it’s just in the background.'”

The researchers also found that the proportion of native incense users who reported that they would prefer to not have incense burning increased.

People who said they would like to burn the natural fire incense in their homes also reported more preference for not having incense-burning incense around their homes.

The results suggest that people living in areas with no natural wildfires and with no incensations burn more incense than those living in places with natural fires, the researchers said.

The authors also said that people who were told that incense would not be burned were more likely to say that they prefer to burn native incenses, which they did.

“In addition, they report that incenses are more attractive,” Roudsels said.

This study is the first to look at the effects of incenses on people who have no access to natural fire.

Previous studies have found that people in remote and isolated communities with no access are more likely than those in urban and industrialized communities to use natural fires.

“There are so many variables involved in what you’re burning, and it’s really not that simple to say ‘No, you can’t burn it,'” Roussels said of the study.

“So the study really helps us understand how people are reacting to the different incense products and what that means.”

Roussel is currently working with scientists at the University of Manitoba to conduct a larger study on the effects on people with no experience with incenses, but she is optimistic that this study will be helpful in helping to understand how incense is used in different environments.

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