What to say if you catch a rare black- and-white flame burning in the middle of your home?

A black incense flame will be less noticeable if you don’t let it burn and leave it unattended, so it can’t be used as a source of light for incense or candles.

You can also use it to heat up the house or to create a fire.

Here are some tips: • If you find a burning incense item, call your local police.

If you can’t contact the police, you can use the local fire department.

• You can’t remove the incense burners.

You’ll need to replace them if they burn out.

• If there are more than one incense blaze, take photos of each one, and take a picture of the entire house with the burners facing outward, to make sure you have no gaps.

• Keep a note of the amount of time it takes for the incenses to burn.

• After the incensors burn out, put them in a plastic bag and seal them tightly with a rag.

This keeps them from flying around.

• When the time comes to remove the burner, place it on a table or other surface where it can easily be removed.

You should be able to remove it from the house with minimal effort.

• Do not let incense in your home burn out unless you have a good reason.

Do not open or close the burn, do not leave the house unattended for more than two hours, and do not allow any pet to be in the house.

Keep incense out of the hands of children, pets, and anyone else who might have a problem with incense.

Keep a close eye on any pets that are living in the home and be aware of what they are doing in the room with them.

Keep the incensing area clean and free of any debris.

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