The Brisbane-based Candle Contest has just had its third winner and the final three are a combination of a traditional candle and an incense burner.

A candle has been set up outside the Cauldron in the CBD to be consumed for three to four hours.

“It’s the third one we’ve got here so far and the third of those has burned for about three hours,” Cauldron founder Sam Miller said.

The winning candle, named “Cauldron,” is the product of a competition between three candle companies.

One of the candles was named for the original Cauldron owner and one of the three finalists will receive $20,000.

Miller said the third candle was chosen for its unique flavour and its ability to produce a smokey, aromatic smoke.

Cupcake, the winner of the last competition, is also an Australian and the winner has also been invited to attend the final event.

“It was actually the most difficult one,” he said.

“You’ve got to have a certain amount of luck and luck can be a bit of a challenge.”

Mr Miller said the winner is not a celebrity but a family man who is a regular visitor to the Cauldrons.

Mr Miller’s son, Scott, is the contest’s co-winner.

Scott Miller won a Cupcake candle from the Candalwood and a Cupcakes candle from Westcote.

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