The Bone Saw, The Bone’s co-founder and co-owner, told me that the show is a response to the events of the past year.

“The Bone Saw is about a man named Brian who has been tortured for years by the evil, dark, evil forces of a very specific and violent faction in the Mormon church,” he said.

“I’ve never felt more powerless and trapped than now.”

The show will be co-hosted by the late Ray Comfort, who was in the choir in Memphis when the shooting happened.

Comfort, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was also a choir member in the church’s First Vision event in Utah, where he met the members of the Bone Saw.

Comfort says that the series will include “a lot of different voices and perspectives.”

In the show, Comfort is also joined by several of his church friends.

“It’s a real good representation of what it feels like to be a Mormon,” Comfort told me.

Comfort has also been outspoken about the dangers of Mormonism, and the Mormon Church’s recent decision to allow its members to marry in the temple.

“That was the moment where I thought, I can’t be quiet anymore,” Comfort said.

The show has been scheduled to open this fall in Salt Lake City, Utah.

But I spoke to a couple of the actors who play the Bone Wounds, and they said that it will be the first time they’ve played the show outside of Utah.

“We’ve been in Utah for almost five years now, and this is the first real opportunity for us to really experience what Utah is,” actor Kyle Ritchey told me in an email.

“And I’m very excited to be part of it.”

A trailer for The Bone Wars premieres on March 18, and will be shown in theaters nationwide on March 31.

In the meantime, we’ll see more of the show in the near future, including a season premiere on HBO on May 25.

Watch: The Bonewound Opened With A Rage

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