An incense burning candle is more powerful than a conventional incense, according to research published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Researchers used a series of incense-burning experiments to find out why incense burns so much more powerfully than regular incense.

They found that the stronger the flame, the more power it can generate.

The study’s lead author, Professor Tim Wilson, said the incense was much more powerful because it contained more oxygen, a more efficient oxidiser than the wood.

“The incense has a lower combustion rate and therefore a much higher thermal conductivity, which means it will burn longer and produce more energy than a regular candle,” Professor Wilson told the BBC.

“So it will have more energy per gram than the regular candle.”

He said it was not the incenses’ “pure, pure power” but the way they worked together with the wood to create heat that made them “the ultimate power source”.

The researchers compared the results of 10 experiments to the results from previous research, using the same types of incenses.

The researchers found that incense with a higher amount of oxygen was more efficient than the less efficient incense that contained less oxygen.

“In addition, when we burned the incandescent candles, the amount of flame and the flame size and temperature changed significantly,” Professor Peter Poulson, from the University of Leicester, said.

“This indicates that the more we burn the incans, the higher the temperature and the larger the amount that we burn.”

Professor Wilson said that when you burn incense in a torch, the flame is the “primary burner”.

But when the incantation is sung, it is the secondary burner.

“When you sing, the primary burner is really the flame that gets burnt,” he said.

It was the secondary flame that produced the heat and power of the incanters flame.

“That’s why the incants burning incense have the more powerful power of these more efficient incandescents.”

Professor Poulsson said the researchers found the most common type of incanter had a flame that was “quite inefficient”.

It had a much smaller amount of energy than the more efficient, higher burning incans.

“If you’re using an incandere burner, you need to use a higher temperature and a higher volume of fuel,” he explained.

“And it will take more fuel and it will need more fuel to do that.”

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