The Canadian Football League has unveiled new guidelines for home-burners.

The rules have been drawn up by the league, the Canadian Football Association and the Catholic Church, which is working with the league on the guidelines, said a league spokesperson.

The guidelines are designed to help home-benders and those who like to use the traditional, incense-burning method of incense burners to achieve tranquility in their homes, according to the CFL.

“The intent is to be respectful and respectful of people and what they want, the Catholic church and the other religions,” said commissioner John Herron, who added the league is working closely with the Catholic Diocese of Toronto.

“We want to make sure that we have an environment that is conducive to the religious use of our incense,” said Herron.

The league’s new guidelines will go into effect March 31, 2018, the first day of the season.

They are designed in the spirit of the Catholic liturgy, with the focus on spiritual unity, said Herrons statement.

In addition to the Catholic incense burning, we’re also encouraging people to burn wood to enhance the experience of this sacred and spiritual practice.””

We want people to use what they have and respect what they do.

In addition to the Catholic incense burning, we’re also encouraging people to burn wood to enhance the experience of this sacred and spiritual practice.”

The league will be inviting people to share their incense preferences in a public post, but that will be open to public comments.

The league will use this opportunity to develop a list of potential options, said the statement.

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum in Toronto said it’s also looking into the use of wood in the home.

“If wood can be a part of the incense and the sacred atmosphere of the home, we want to look at that,” said Hall of Famer Dickie Moore.

“Wood can be the fuel that helps us achieve those same things.”

In a similar vein, the Edmonton Eskimos announced a policy that allows wood burners and other wood-burning devices to be used in the stadium.

In an email to the Edmonton Sun, the Eskimoes said: “The Eskimocs will continue to use incense that is of the traditional style.

We do encourage everyone to make a contribution to the sacred spirit by making your own wood-fired incense.”

In addition, the Alberta Football League announced plans to allow people to make their own wood incense on its fields and stadium facilities.

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