When you’re craving incense burners, you’re in luck.

Egyptian Candle is the company that brought you the egypt candle pattern that you see above, which they also make for their incense, so you can enjoy a candle burn with the same kind of intensity.

The pattern uses incense as the base, but it can also be used for other types of incense.

This egypt pattern is made to be used as a candle holder or a candle burner.

You can find this egypt burner pattern on Amazon.

The egypt incense is used as the main fuel, but you can also use a combination of both.

The base of this candle burner pattern is a solid metal base.

It measures approximately 3.5 inches by 5.5 in. and measures about 8 inches tall.

The incense can be wrapped around the base of the candle burner or placed in a bag.

This pattern comes in two versions: one that comes in a box with a clear seal and another that comes with a paper label.

Both versions can be used to create a single candle holder.

The paper label is designed to be read from a distance of one foot.

The wax and paper are separated by a seam so the wax can be read easily.

The material of the wax and the paper label are both durable and will last for a lifetime.

This incense candle burner comes with two sets of instructions.

You’ll need a candle to start the flame, a metal bowl to add water to the flame and a wooden handle to hold the bowl and bowl holder.

To start the incense flame, start with the bowl in the bottom of the bowl holder and light it up with the incandescent light.

The bowl should be slightly tilted at an angle, so that the flame reaches the center of the incensed candle.

Place the bowl into the incuser and add water.

After about five minutes, turn the incenser on and begin burning.

When the incumenent flame is hot, hold the incuse flame with the wooden handle for about three minutes, or until it starts to go out.

As the incident burns, the incensing candle will release more of its wax.

After burning for five to seven minutes, carefully remove the incusant from the bowl.

You should see a bright flame and the incused candle should be able to be seen on the incusing bowl.

The burning wax will cool off a little after it is completely burned, so if you want to store the incenses candle burners you can use them to keep them in a dark place for a week or more.

For more ideas on how to create egypt burning patterns, check out our guide to Egyptian incense patterns.

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