An ancient Roman candle used incense to burn its owner.

Now a research team from The Netherlands has found that it was used by people in Greece and Rome to heat the ground and to cook food.

The study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, is the first evidence that the candle is the work of ancient people who used it to heat their cooking fires.

The ancient Greek name for the candle was the Cyclops incensa burner.

The Latin word for “candle” means “incense”.

The researchers say the ancient Greek word for incense is ancilla, meaning “to burn”.

They also say the word for candle itself is caela, meaning flame, which would make the candle one of the earliest known incense items.

When ancillary objects are burnt, they can emit a scent, which can be picked up by the smell of the incense.

One of the reasons for the name, the researchers say, is that this is the same aroma that was used to attract animals to the area, as it smells like a burning fire.

They suggest that the name of the candle comes from a reference to the Greek god of fire, Cyclops.

For a long time, the name Cyclops has been associated with the burning of incense in Greece.

In fact, the candle, made from the wood of a tree with a long, slender stalk, is said to have been a key symbol of Greek paganism.

However, the ancient Greeks did not believe that incense was used for any magical purposes, and some have suggested that the flame was not sacred at all.

So what is an ancillum?

An ancillo is a cylindrical tube, usually about the length of a human hair, that is filled with wood, usually a pine or oak, to be used as a receptacle for incandescence.

The tube can be shaped to make it look like a torch, which is called a ancillon.

It is made from a piece of wood called a cone, which has been split in half, then a layer of wood is glued together to make the cone.

This glue is then pressed into the shape of a handle.

Then, it is rolled onto a flat surface and the handle is turned over to burn.

There is a certain amount of heat that is produced, so the flame is not burning directly at the flame, but rather at a cone.

If you think about it, this is exactly what you want to do if you’re cooking with an anvil or a firewood grinder.

It is burning the wood in the form of the fire, so there is no combustion, but there is a heat transfer process.

The heat of the burning creates the vapour that the fire produces, and then the vapours and the wood that are being burned together create the smoke.

It’s like the flame in a can of soup.

This study also supports the idea that the incandescent lamp was used as an incanderet, meaning a candle.

While the incantation to burn incense can be traced back to antiquity, there have been no documented instances of the practice being carried out by humans.

Scientists say the candle’s name has become associated with its burning, which suggests that it is a highly prized and sought after item.

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