Shoyuidos incense burners, sometimes called “shoyido incenses,” are popular among Japanese consumers because they’re inexpensive and have an aroma similar to those of woodsmoke.

The brand’s latest product, the Shoyieidos Burning Burner, comes in a ceramic bowl with a clear acrylic cap that opens and closes automatically.

The incense burns in a small, sealed plastic container with a lid that opens when it’s finished.

The bowl has a removable mouthpiece that can be opened with a small screwdriver, and it can be sealed in the refrigerator and kept cold.

The Shoyidos product has been on sale for about three months, according to

The company, founded in 2001, has produced more than a million incense products.

But the Shayeda Inc. Inc., which owns Shoyoo’s parent company, is the brand’s first to be available for non–Japanese consumers, the New York Mag reported.

The product has a high-quality, handcrafted, Japanese-made incense that smells like wood, according a Shoyedo spokesperson.

It also comes with a unique fragrance that Shoyueidos describes as “a scent of wood.”

Shoyeon Inc., another Shoyayeda brand, launched the ShOYEIDOS incense burning burner in 2014.

Shoyekidos, which is owned by Shoyoe, is also the brand behind the Shaya Daburu incense cooking stove, a portable stove used to cook rice, pasta, vegetables and other foods, according the company’s website.

The stove can be used in Japanese cooking settings, as well as other cooking methods.

The two brands sell incense for use in cooking in cooking utensils, and they also offer incense sticks for people who want to cook food and smoke incense.

Shoyaidos is currently targeting its Japan sales through a website called, and its online store is available in the United States and Canada.

Shoysan Inc., a smaller, but growing, Japanese brand, also sells incense in Japan, and Shoyo Inc. is launching a new, more localized brand, Shoyaeidos Japan, in the coming weeks.

Shaysan Inc. was founded in 2009 and has been in the industry for several years.

The founders, Takashi Takayama and Junichi Matsumoto, worked together in Japan’s medical medical supply chain.

Shaya Inc., founded in 2004, is focused on the health and wellness of its consumers, and has become a global brand, according its website.

Shayeidoos Inc., launched in 2016, has a total of about 15,000 customers in Japan and plans to expand that number in the next few years.

ShOYeidoses incense product has not yet been named.

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