When pokemon excrement burns, it can be quite a sight.

If you have ever seen the infamous video of a Pokémon trainer setting off an incense burn, you’ll know that it’s an iconic moment in the game.

But the phenomenon can be dangerous and has sparked a heated debate online.

So, how does a pokemon incensiately burning incense actually happen?

Well, this is where the history of incense comes into play.

First, there’s the legend of the Burning Spear.

This is the first Pokémon incense incident in which a Pokémon has been burned.

In the video, Ash, Pikachu and a few others are fighting a large group of wild Pokemon in an area where the Pokémon normally roams.

The leader of the group throws a flaming Spear at a group of Pokemon that had come to the area.

After the Spear hits the ground, the other Pokemon are startled by the sudden appearance of flames.

While Ash and Pikachu try to fight off the burning Spear, the leader of their group tells them to stop fighting, telling them to run away, but Ash and the others simply jump on top of the Spear and throw it into the air.

Ash and Pikachu then start dancing as the Spear flies away from them.

Now, there are many theories on why the Spear landed where it did, but it’s been speculated that it may have been due to a misunderstanding of what the Spear was.

It’s also been speculated, however, that it was because the Spear flew through the air at such an incredible speed that the Pokemon were unable to react to the sudden change in direction.

As the Spear made its way through the sky, the fire on the Spear became a little hotter, and the flame was able to catch fire in the shape of a large flame.

Once the flame had caught fire, the flame quickly began to turn into a solid object that quickly spread throughout the area around the Spear. 

It was this solidity that ignited the Spear, and it spread into the forest and burned everything in sight.

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