When you walk into a smoke shop in Beijing, you’ll probably hear a familiar refrain.

“Incense burns better than incense,” they’ll tell you.

But a Chinese incense company says they’ve found that “incense burns at a much lower level of heat” and “the temperature is not as intense.” 

The company, the Wolf Incense Company, said its incense burns for about four to five times as long and has “more flavor than a cigarette.”

In addition, the company’s incense is “more fragrant and less expensive.”

In China, incense has traditionally been considered taboo, and the incense burned in traditional incense houses is often made from a mixture of wild and cultivated plants.

This practice, known as “mak-fu” (貰火), is considered a form of witchcraft and is punishable by death.

It’s also prohibited in China, where people are required to wear masks when smoking.

Wolf Incenses say their incense blends are made from “a blend of wild plants and herbs.”

“We have created a new, natural blend of incense that is less spicy and has more flavor than an ordinary cigarette,” said Yu Hu, founder and CEO of Wolf Inc. Wolf is one of the few Chinese incenses companies to have achieved global success.

In 2013, the firm was named one of China’s best-performing companies by the China Technology Review, a trade publication.

Wolf says its new product, which was unveiled last month, has “excellent burn resistance and can burn through almost any kind of incandescent light bulb.”

Wolf Incenses first incense blend, Wolf Fire, is made from an 80-year-old “mock wood,” and is “light, odorless, and tasteless.”

Wolf says it’s the most flavorful and fragrant incense it has ever made.

Wolf’s Wolf Fire is also a blend of a mixture that was made from the “spiritual and mystical” herbs of ancient China.

The incense sticks are made with 100 percent natural plant material, which the company says is “perfectly natural, natural for us to use and to preserve,” and “exhibits no pesticides or chemicals.” 

Incense burners aren’t limited to China.

Wolf has also made incense for a number of European countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany. 

In the U.K., Wolf’s incenses are available to purchase from local retailers, and some brands are available through online shops, including Wolf Inca, Wolf Incada and Wolf Incadina.

Wolf said it’s now expanding its product range to more countries, with a new incense called Wolf Fire 100.

Wolf also plans to launch an incandescence burner in Canada, and it plans to sell incense to hospitals.

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