Reddit has been criticised for a controversial video in which a young woman smokes incense on the side of the road.

In the video, which was uploaded to the popular social media site last week, the woman appears to smoke incense while wearing a pair of sunglasses, and is surrounded by people on motorcycles.

Her husband, a police officer, is also seen smoking a cigarette.

One of the women in the video tells the viewer that she is “wanting to share my story”, and that she “fears the police” because she has “nothing to hide”.

“I’m not afraid of the police,” the woman says.

“I don’t care what they say, I’m not scared of them, they don’t know who I am or what I am doing.”

They don’t need to be there for me.

“One Reddit user has labelled the video “horrendous” and said it “should never have been published”.”

This woman is a terrorist and a murderer and a terrorist is not a word that should be used to describe a person who smokes incenses,” the user wrote.”

She should be ashamed of herself and a coward.

“The woman in the YouTube video is believed to be 16-year-old Dzang Duan, who is now living in Laos.

A spokesperson for Reddit said that the video was posted to the site to encourage people to use “alternative forms of incense”, and not to share it on the site.”

This is a terrible video that has no place on the website,” the spokesperson told The Huffington Post.”

In addition, Reddit is not responsible for the content of any other site or site operators that may use it.””

We have taken down the video in question, and we have not seen a repeat of this kind of content.

“Reddit users have been sharing similar videos, often in response to what they see as a lack of respect for the traditional traditional use of incenses by Buddhist and Taoist practitioners.

In a similar video posted in August, a man named “Z” posted on Reddit that he had been a Buddhist for eight years and had smoked incense for years.”

Why can’t they smoke on the street?” he asked.”

People have their beliefs, they have their values, they even have their rituals.

Why should I be afraid of them?

If I want to smoke on my street, why should I feel shame?

“In response to the video’s popularity, a group of Buddhist monks issued a statement, claiming that the traditional use by the majority of Thai Buddhists of incandescent candles, incense wicks and incense pipes “should not be allowed to be taken for granted”.

The group said the use of candles, wicks, incenses and pipes “is a form of spiritual practice that brings people closer to the Creator” and “has no place in modern society”.”

We cannot let this be allowed,” the statement said.”

The use of these products is an affront to the sacred qualities of incensing, and the traditional practices of these cultures, and all Buddhist traditions, are incompatible with our Buddhism.

“The statement said the traditional practice of smoking incense in public “contradicts the teachings of Buddhism, and does not represent the beliefs of any Buddhist community.””

It is a crime against the Thai Buddhist community, and it should be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year,” the group added.

The Buddhist community in Thailand has traditionally used incense to “bless the dead”, and in recent years, many Buddhist monks have taken up the traditional uses of incensed candles and incensed wicks in order to “purify” the heart and mind of the deceased.

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