By David LauterbachRead more This is the third time this month that the gothy flame has burned in the city.

The first time was on August 24, when the flame was lit by an incense seller who set it on fire in a busy street.

The fire was put out by the fire department but it caused significant damage.

In October, a gothy burner was set on fire by a passerby.

The blaze was extinguished and the owner of the burner was fined $5,000.

This time, however, the owner did not take responsibility for setting the flame, as his account was taken down.

According to police, a man who witnessed the incident and has since been released on bail was arrested for the second time.

He was arrested on Monday on charges of arson and criminal damage. owner Peter Cimino, whose website advertises incense burns for about $20 a pop, said he had heard the fire was caused by a gothacast.

“It was my job to sell incense for $20 to the local area.

I set it aflame and had to take a hit to the property, but it did not go up in flames,” Ciminos Facebook page reads.

Ciminos father and step-father also have gothcasts in their home.

According to a local news report, a young woman, who is a guthachian and works in the area, came to the scene after hearing the news on the radio.

She said she found a fire extinguisher, but was unsure how to put out the flames.

A local news station posted a photo of the burned guthacast on its Facebook page, along with the following message:”Guthacasts burners are burning in Gwynedd.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but this time it is a major one.”

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