This year I decided to go ahead and buy an inexpensive incense flipper to use at my upcoming wedding.

But it wasn’t just the novelty of the design that intrigued me.

It’s the fact that the flipper is made from a single piece of flexible wood that can be easily assembled, so it is incredibly easy to assemble and remove, making it ideal for both the first and last moments of your ceremony.

So, what are the advantages of the flippers you might ask?

Well, the first is that they are incredibly lightweight, which means they won’t scratch any of your furniture.

They also work well for weddings where there is a lot of light in the room.

The flipper has two small holes on the end so it’s easy to get rid of if you forget to unplug it.

And, most importantly, the flicker can be attached to any standard incense stick, making them ideal for keeping your ceremony light and fun for your guests.

I’ve seen some people complain about the size of the device, but I really can’t think of a better way to make an incantation that is portable.

So the next question is, is it worth it?

It depends on how you plan on doing your ceremony, but my personal recommendation would be to buy the incense maker as soon as you can afford to.

It will save you money and help you get the most bang for your buck.

It can be used for all of the above, but it’s the part that you really need to invest in, because if you’re doing your wedding for less than $300, you can certainly do the incensing yourself.

And if you’ve got a couple of friends or family who want to make the ceremony, they can buy you a flicker too.

For this year’s wedding, we opted to do the ceremony without the incenses, but we would have liked to have seen a lot more from the flickers design.

For us, this was a really important decision, because we wanted to make sure that everyone could appreciate the beauty of this incense.

It was really important that we had the incensation flipper for everyone to have at their wedding.

However, if you do have to do incensing, you’re going to want to buy a decent incense for your ceremony too, as well as for your next wedding.

If you’re looking to buy this incensing flipper at the beginning of your wedding year, then you may want to consider a budget-friendly flicker instead.

They cost about $5.99 and are great for most of the wedding industry.

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