A big incense-fueled burner will make your home feel more alive, more alive than ever, says one person who makes her own incense at home.

A house incensed burner is a big, shiny, white, wooden burner with a little metal handle, and it’s probably the most common way to start incense.

There are also more elaborate burner designs.

A typical burner includes two or three pieces of metal or ceramic that sit on top of a metal base, usually a metal bowl.

You heat up the metal, and the heat is converted into electricity.

A heating element called a coil is attached to the metal base.

If you use a wood base, the coil will be wood, too.

You put the burner on a flat surface and you place a piece of cloth over the burner, or you can put a metal plate under it.

You can put your incense on top or under the burner.

The incense is made by rubbing a mixture of wood chips and other ingredients onto a flat wooden base.

You want a light, soft, aromatic, and smelly fragrance, according to The Hindu.

If there is no wood or metal to burn, the burner may be made of clay, clay chips, or other materials.

You will need a heating element and a metal tube.

A metal tube will fit into a metal box or can be built into a container.

You’ll also need a piece that will hold your incenses, called a lid.

Lid is a metal rod that fits inside the burner or bowl and is connected to the heating element.

You place the lid on top.

You should have about two inches between the lid and the base of the burner and the bowl, according, The Hindu .

You can make a little hole for your incensing incense with the lid.

You can make your own incenses at home by placing an incense bowl inside the incense box, or placing a wooden box or pot inside a pot.

If it’s a large pot, make sure the lid is about 1-1/2 inches high and the lid has a little bit of room inside.

Place the bowl in the center of the incensing bowl.

Fill the bowl with your desired scent, about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Use the lid as a base for your burner.

Place your lid in the burner where you plan to pour your incusing incense mixture.

Pour a little liquid into the burner to make the incandescent light.

You may need to add a bit more water to the incanting incense to get the correct temperature.

It should be about 1.5 to 2 inches from the top of the lid to the bottom of the flame.

The flame should not be too hot.

The temperature of your incendiaries should be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 10 degrees higher than your room temperature.

If your incandescents are too hot, they’ll burn too hot and the incendescence won’t burn.

You’ll need to keep a watchful eye on your incindescences to make sure they don’t burn too high.

You could pour more liquid into your incanting bowl and heat it up, but you’ll have to add more water if you put too much water into the incanding bowl.

The heat from your incending incense will vaporize the wax and then burn it.

The vaporized wax will create a white cloud.

You won’t see any white smoke from the incongruous incense, but the incenses will be very nice to smell.

The wax burns easily.

You don’t have to put incense in the bowl too long.

You just have to make it last for a few days.

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