BUDDHA BURNER: I think I can say that I’m a very happy person.

I feel like I’m in a happy place.

I just feel like it’s the right time to celebrate.

I’ve got lots of family and friends, and I have friends that are celebrating the holidays with me.

It’s really nice to be able to celebrate something with family and to be happy.

But when it comes to the incense and the incenses that I make, it’s not the only reason I do it.

So I think there’s lots of other things that go into it that I really enjoy.

For me, the incensing is really nice because I can kind of just put on the incantation, which is really relaxing, and then just let it go.

It makes it feel really nice, and it’s also kind of like a light that I can turn on and off without having to go back and re-calibrate the light.

And I think it’s really helpful for me because it makes me feel really relaxed and happy.

You know, it just brings me into a more relaxed state.

It feels good.

It helps you feel a lot calmer and calmer.

I don’t have to be a super person in my own house to do it, and that’s what I’m doing with my incense.

I’m not doing it to be nice or anything like that.

I love it because it’s just a really beautiful incense that makes you feel really comfortable, and just really calming.

It has a lot of things going on inside of you, and you know, when you’re doing it, you’re not thinking, “Oh my god, this is so exciting and relaxing,” but it’s all just calming and really relaxing.

So, it makes you relax.

I think that’s one of the reasons I do what I do.

You want to be really relaxed, but you also want to really feel like you’re in a really good mood.

And you want to just relax, you know?

I think the incensed incense has really helped me do that.

BUDDS: Wow, so you don’t really think of it as being a religious practice, but what do you think of being a Buddhist monk?

CRAIG: Oh, I don’st know.

I do think it is a lot like being a human being, so I don’t really have any issues with it, but I think if you’re a human person, you have to have some sort of a set of beliefs and a set in terms of what you believe.

But, you also have to keep in mind that it’s your job to make people happy, and your job is to be as loving as possible and to make everyone happy.

I know that it is difficult to go to a Buddhist temple, and when you do, you don’ t have any set of Buddhist beliefs, and there’s no meditation or anything, but at the same time, you can’t get angry with them, and they’re still your friends.

And then, I’m really happy to be part of a Buddhist community.

And that’s all I can really say about it.

BUCKS: So, when we first started talking, you said that you thought of yourself as a Buddhist Monk.


BANKS: And you’re still very Buddhist, are you?


BUSS: Well, it seems like you are a Buddhist Buddhist.

CRAIV: I am, yes.


CRAIKE: No, I have not changed my Buddhist beliefs.

I have, however, stopped trying to believe that the Buddha is dead.

I was going to do that when I was younger, but now I don ‘t think it would be so good for me to be living as a monk.

BUBBLEGUM: Well you know what, I think your question is more or less valid, because I’ve been a Buddhist for many years.

And when I started coming to Buddhism, I was a very devout person.

But I don t think that I ever really got beyond that.

And so I think my faith is very important to me.

BUSH: Well let me ask you something.

You’ve been married for almost 40 years, and now you’re getting married for the third time.

Do you have a sense of how it will affect you?

BUDDHIST: I’m getting married on the third anniversary of my marriage, which, you’ re right.

I didn’ t know that.

It’ s really nice.

I get married on Christmas Day, and on New Year’s Day, we have a party.

I would have been very happy if we had had a wedding, and, you ‘re right, the wedding is a great celebration

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