By: John BreenPublished: December 08, 201805:30AMCultivation of tea plants is a process that takes hundreds of years, and is considered a relatively easy process compared to the millions of hours that it takes to produce an ounce of tea.

The first tea-related crop of plants was cultivated on the Japanese island of Okinawa in the 1700s.

In the 1700’s, a local resident, Ichiro Kato, noticed that the smell of tea coming from the nearby mountains could be stronger than the scent of tea itself.

Kato planted several hundred trees on a ridge near his village and called it the Mountain of Tea.

He then set out to brew a tea with a strong tea aroma, and he brewed it by hand.

The tea he brewed was known as the Kato’s Kava.

Tea was considered to be an aphrodisiac in Japan and Kato believed that the Kava could be used to enhance the scent and flavor of his tea.

The scent of Kava was extremely strong and overpowering.

Katsubara Matsumoto, a member of the Japanese Imperial Tea Association, describes Kato as a visionary who knew what he was doing.

Matsumotos grandfather, Nobusuke Matsumoro, was a famous tea brewer who brewed tea for centuries.

In 1854, Kato was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering the kava tea.

Matsums grandfather, who had died before the award, was awarded that honor in 1895.

During his lifetime, Matsumots grandfather collected thousands of tea leaves and made thousands of varieties of Kavas.

He had a unique and unique way of preparing his tea that was so unique that it is still used today.

The process of making tea can be thought of as a mixture of two separate processes.

The tea itself is a mixture that is boiled in water.

The water contains minerals and other chemicals that give the tea a distinctive smell.

Once the water has boiled, the water is cooled and heated in a pot to produce a steam.

This steam is then heated to a higher temperature in order to melt the minerals and to form the tea.

After cooling, the steam is turned on again to produce the next batch of steam that will give the flavor and aroma.

The two separate parts of the process are very different.

When boiling water, the minerals in the water are stripped off.

This is done in a process called rinsing.

Once the water cools to the point where the minerals are not retained, it is boiled again.

This second process is similar to the process of boiling water that was used by Matsumotos grandfather, but the process is much more complicated.

In this process, the tea is heated by a steam furnace.

Once this steam is generated, it heats up a gas that is then collected.

The gases are then heated in the steam furnace until they are completely heated.

After the steam and gases are heated, the liquid in the tea leaves is removed from the water, and the liquid is collected.

This process is called a boiling steam.

In the process that is conducted in a steam boiler, the boiling gas is heated to temperatures of at least 400°F and then the steam that was produced is turned off.

After this process has been completed, the hot steam is cooled to a temperature of at most 30°F.

This is a common process in brewing.

When a tea leaves leaves is boiled, it will turn to steam and the steam will be pulled into the boiling pot where it will be heated to at least 200°F to melt minerals and create steam.

The steam will then be turned on and the heat from the steam, is turned down until it is turned back up to the boiling temperature of the steam.

This heat is used to turn a steam pipe into a steam kettle.

The kettle is heated until it starts to boil and then a pressure is applied to the kettle so that the steam begins to boil again.

Once boiling steam is started, the pressure is turned up so that a mixture is created from the hot liquid and the cooled steam.

After this process is completed, and it is finished with, the mixture is then cooled to room temperature.

This cold process removes the minerals from the tea leaf, and gives the tea the unique taste and aroma that the tea can provide.

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