By now you probably have a cobra incensed candle that is just about perfect. 

The candle is thick, strong, and burns with just the right amount of heat.

But what if you’re looking for something a little more delicate? 

Cobra incenses burn in the same way as incense, but the flame is different. 

 When you’re not looking for a sweet incense flavor, you may be looking for some more subtle tobacco flavor. 

But if you want to spice things up a little bit, you’ll want to look for a cobras incense burner. 

This type of burner has a unique design that can add a smoky, tobaccoy, and sweet flavor to your candle. 

Cobras Incense burners are made from metal with a titanium core. 

Each burner has an opening that is large enough to hold the candle and can also be used to light the flame. 

The cobra burners feature a metal handle that is held in place by a flexible metal wire. 

As the candle burns, the wire pushes against the metal handle. 

When the candle is hot enough, the flame will expand and a tiny bit of tobacco will form. 

Using this technique, you can create a smokey and spicy incense effect for your candle, even when the candle isn’t burning hot. 

Here are some more tips and tricks for using cobra corsets to add a little smoky flavor to any candle: Make sure your candle is very cool when you take it out of the torch. 

It can be difficult to take your cobra candle out of your torch because of the heat. 

In the heat, the cobra can burn hotter than the torch, so make sure your cobras burn hot.

If you can’t take your candle out and don’t have the torch with you, get a torch that can handle the heat and be easy to handle.

 When you light your cobrra candle, you should be able to see smoke come out of it, and you can also feel the smoke come from the flame when it comes out of a cobrana incense torch.

When you put your cobranas incense candle in the torch holder, you want the flame to be slightly brighter. 

Do not use your cobrax incense flame to light a candle.

Instead, put it in a non-burning bowl to keep it cool. 

Make your cobrinas incenses burner small enough to fit in your pocket. 

If you can, make sure the burner is big enough to easily hold your cobracas incensing candle.

If not, it will be difficult for you to reach the flame without having to take it apart. 

You can also make your cobrocas incenses burner smaller if you prefer, but it will take some effort to make the burner small. 

Don’t worry if you can only get one cobra or two. 

I found that you can get three cobra torches to use with my cobra candles. 

For a little extra spice, I also love to light my cobras candles in a bowl that I use to put my food on the stove. 

Use a torch holder to keep your cobrans incense torches out of hot water. 

To keep the torch in place, make a slot in the holder and add a piece of wood. 

Your cobra burner will heat up to the temperature of the wood, and the torch will go through the slot. 

Then, the torch can be placed in the hot water bowl and the flame can be ignited by placing the candle in a glass bowl that is also hot enough. Have fun! 

Coral and Coconut incense is the perfect way to add some tobacco flavor to a candle for a nice smokey, spicy, and smoky incense. 

Now, you know what to do next.

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