This is the story of the New Yorkers who were arrested in February 2016 and charged with manufacturing, selling, and distributing marijuana.

They were charged under a law that was passed in 2006 that allows the NYPD to raid people’s homes to seize all of their personal belongings.

“The whole thing was really just a joke,” one person told New York magazine.

The people arrested were among a small group of NYPD officers who had been cracking down on the city’s burgeoning marijuana crop.

They weren’t busting pot houses; they were arresting people who had grown plants, and some were selling them on the black market.

It was an absurd and potentially dangerous setup, one that allowed them to crack down on people for the first time in decades.

But that didn’t mean that the police had any idea how they were going to get the people arrested.

The police were still investigating the people behind the raids, and it was clear from the outset that there were serious problems with the process, even for an undercover officer.

They had no idea what they were doing, or how long it would take them to bring the people to justice.

At least one person was arrested for a second time.

The cops were supposed to have searched the houses, but instead, they were using the same tools to break down the door and bust the door.

The arrestees were taken to the precinct’s drug unit, which has no actual staff.

Instead, the officers were allowed to take pictures of their busted door before and after it was busted.

A detective would then write up a report for the officer who had broken down the house, and the report would then be sent to a supervisor for review.

In some cases, the supervisor would approve or disapprove of the work that was being done on the case.

For example, if the police found that there was a drug paraphernalia room at the house and didn’t need to be disturbed, the report for that room would be sent back to the sergeant who had arrested the house’s occupant.

The report would also describe any problems with a witness that had come forward with information.

If the supervisor found that the person who was arrested was telling the truth, he would make a recommendation to the court for the police to let the person go.

If he found the person was lying, he could recommend to the judge to release the person.

These reports, which are supposed to be confidential, are supposed a form of evidence.

But in the case of the house raid, the documents weren’t turned over to the police.

Instead they were handed over to a confidential informant who is a member of the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA.

The informant told the DEA that he knew of someone who had a pot house, but didn’t know who that person was.

When the DEA arrived at the property, the house had been broken down into pieces.

The DEA used an excavator to take apart the house.

It found about four kilos of marijuana plants.

After the arrest, the informant told authorities that he didn’t believe that the house belonged to anyone.

But when he saw the marijuana plants on the street, he started to think that maybe he did.

He also told them that the marijuana he found at the site was coming from a marijuana grow operation that had been busted by the DEA.

And it turned out that the informant had gone to the site where the marijuana was being grown and was trying to determine whether or not it was legal to grow marijuana in New York.

The officers arrested the person, but they were only trying to find out whether he was a legitimate business owner.

In this case, the only way the officers would know that they were busting a legitimate grow operation was to go back to it and see if the owner was there, and if he was, they would send him a copy of the report.

But because the informant wasn’t present at the grow operation, the police couldn’t get the report they needed to arrest him.

The investigation was supposed to begin in February 2017.

But then the informant came back and started leaking to the media.

The story began to change.

The person who had busted the house was actually a drug informant who had worked undercover with the police for several years.

The FBI came to the house to investigate, and in February of this year, the agents found the house destroyed.

But the police were only interested in finding out if the grower was really legitimate, and not who the growler was.

The next thing the police knew, the man who had done the raid had been arrested and charged in federal court with conspiring to distribute marijuana.

The case against the man was going to be heard in a federal court.

But a federal judge had already rejected a request by the man to suppress the informant’s report.

The judge in the raid didn’t see anything wrong with the informant leaking to journalists about

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