The Moroccan incense industry is booming.

A lot of the country’s new arrivals are Moroccan.

They came to Morocco to escape the war in neighboring Syria.

The Moroccan government has invested billions of dollars in the country, and it’s expected to spend about $50 billion in 2020.

But its growth has been slowed by the war and the economic hardships of the past few years.

Moroccants used to get their cooking oil from neighboring countries.

Now they’re buying their fuel from Morocco.

And there are growing concerns about what could happen if there is an explosion.

The industry has seen some ups and downs, according to local news reports.

Morocco is one of the biggest oil producers in the Middle East, with some $40 billion in revenue and a population of about one million people.

The country also has a reputation as one of Morocco’s safest places, with a population that’s never been affected by a terrorist attack.

But a major explosion could bring a major disaster.

The explosion could hit a large oil refinery or a major fuel storage tank.

A major explosion at a refinery could be catastrophic.

But an explosion at fuel storage tanks could be disastrous.

Morocco has an extensive network of air and rail lines.

They are used for transporting fuel, water, and other goods.

Many of these lines are under construction or have been upgraded.

The roads, for example, have been paved, which allows people to travel in a smooth, safe manner.

But if there’s an explosion, the traffic could become jammed and people could be trapped in the cars.

The construction work also can be hazardous.

Some construction sites are overbuilt and unsafe.

When an explosion happens, a car that was built to withstand an explosion could break down.

If the car explodes, it could leave behind many dead and injured people, some of whom may never be identified.

In the past, the government has worked to keep a tight lid on the industry.

They’ve tried to keep the number of jobs low and to make sure that the workers are trained.

But some people in the industry have noticed the slow progress in improving safety and quality of life.

And some are worried about the potential impact on the local economy.

Morocco was the first country in the world to introduce legislation on how to deal with the explosion and how to prepare for it.

This has led to a number of changes to the way the industry is managed.

The Moroccan industry has to deal mostly with underground waste.

That means it can’t move the fuel out of the field.

So the only way to get fuel out is to pump it into tanks or to move it underground.

But that’s not easy.

The process can be dangerous.

A gas explosion could kill the worker and his or her family.

And the explosion could destroy a major underground storage tank that could then explode, killing anyone inside the tank.

And when a tank explodes, the tank can send a lot of gas and a lot more fumes into the air, potentially affecting nearby homes.

And that’s why the government set up a new national network of experts.

They set up an accident prevention committee and they set up another disaster prevention committee.

But the committee and the disaster prevention committees have been slow to get going.

They have been unable to solve many of the technical problems, said Salah Bader, a spokesperson for the Moroccan Ministry of Transport.

One of the key problems with the accident prevention and emergency management committee is that they have no expertise in dealing with the actual explosion.

That’s because they don’t know how to analyze the actual blast.

It’s a very technical problem.

So what is the best way to deal a catastrophic explosion?

There are several ways to deal the explosion.

One is to put out a warning signal.

A message is sent to the people in your neighborhood.

The message should warn people not to drive or to take public transportation.

If people ignore the warning, the warning signal can be used to set off an alarm.

The second method is to set up emergency shelters.

They can be temporary structures.

They provide shelter and they can also be used as a temporary gas station, Bader said.

So these are not permanent structures, and they’re not set up for long-term protection.

In some cases, they can be set up in a building and have people in them.

But Bader also said that the Moroccan government does not recommend using these temporary structures to protect homes.

If someone is injured in a car crash, for instance, it’s best to leave the car with the people who are injured.

It is also important to keep in mind that people in shelters are very vulnerable to the elements.

People in shelters may have small amounts of gas or other liquids in their stomachs, and if they’re in a shelter, they may not be able to drink or eat anything.

That could cause them to get sick.

But also, the shelters are built to last.

The first time a structure is built in Morocco, it takes

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