When the flames of a patchoulin-infused incense burn, it is known as the “burning patchoulim” burn.

In the West African country of Mali, it’s called the “Patchouli Burning Patchouli.”

But the word patchoulic is also used in some languages to refer to a patch of incense.

It’s the name of a French-speaking tribe of people who worship a sacred patch of jungle called the Gare de la Chapelle, or “mountain of fire.”

In modern times, the name “Patchous” means “fire” in French.

The Gare was established by French explorers in the 17th century, but the tribe has declined in popularity.

The tribes name is often used as a badge of honor in Mali, where it’s believed the Gere was created by French King Louis XV in 1760 to protect the Gades mountain range.

The tribe is believed to be descendants of a tribe that lived in the forests of northern Algeria before they were expelled from their homeland in the 1960s.

Patchoulis are traditionally brewed from the leaves of the native tree of the same name.

According to Wikipedia, the spice is native to southern Europe, as well as in Africa.

The spice was traditionally used in the French and Italian Caribbean regions.

It was also grown in the United States for its medicinal properties.

Patchouls are considered by many to be the most potent spice in the world.

The patchoulan patchoulias have a strong smell.

The taste is similar to that of cinnamon, cloves, and rosemary.

Patchous patches are usually sold in specialty spice stores like Toblerone.

Patchos are traditionally made from the stems of the wild plant.

It has been used in traditional medicine in the Middle East for centuries.

In many African cultures, the patchoulas seeds are smoked and infused with spices like ginger and cinnamon.

The tradition has spread to Europe.

Patchulans seed, in addition to the spices used, is used as an herbal remedy in African nations.

According a report by the World Health Organization, the United Kingdom is one of the top ten countries that use the spice patchoulos seeds in their medicine.

The European Union also considers the spice a member of the essential oils category.

Some European countries have started to use the herbal extract as a substitute for cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol.

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