The best incense burns in 2018, and the hottest ones to burn next.

We take a look at the most-often-used incense, the most dangerous incense flasks, and whether you should be concerned about the fire hazard of a certain burner.1.

Jamiroquai Flame: This fire-prone incense torch is also known as the Jamiros, and has been the subject of much debate.

There’s been an uptick in interest in the Jameo torch in the past few years, but it remains one of the safest and most popular burners on the market.

We’re not surprised to see the Jari torch rise in popularity after the recent uptick.

The Jamio flame burns very hot, and is a bit of a pain to use.

If you’re a novice or someone who prefers to burn incense in a small space, you may want to consider getting the Juri torch instead.2.

Firestone: The Firestone is the most popular and well-reviewed burners in 2018.

While the Firestone burns hotter than most burners, its fire-resistant qualities make it a great burner for beginners.

If the fire is hot enough, you can burn incenses from the Firestones in a way that makes them easier to manage.

The Firestones are also great for beginners because they’re small and portable.

The fire-resistance of the Fire stone makes it an excellent burner for kids, who often play in the area, or for those who have little or no experience with fire.3.

Cane Fire: This is one of those burners that you’ll be happy to have around, because it’s light and portable, and easy to use and clean.

It has a high burn resistance, so if you’re trying to keep a burner burning for a long time, the Cane is a good option.

Cans are usually a bit pricey, but you can get some good deals on Cane fire sets.4.

Cauliflower: The Caulo brand has become a favorite for those looking for a cheap and simple burner for a lot of people.

The Culais burners are a little on the pricier side, but that’s because you get the burner at the right price point.

They are generally more durable than the Jamo, which is why we’ve put them on this list.5.

Raziel Flame: The Raziels are known for being the most versatile burner on the planet, and we’re excited to see this flame rise in price.

The Razis are also incredibly easy to set up and clean up.

Raziels are great for cooking for a group of people, because they burn extremely well and produce a lot more smoke than a small stove.6.

Yew Flame: There are many ways to burn Yew incense.

It can be used for cooking, as a burner for home and office fires, or it can be thrown in a fire pit for some serious fun.

We’ve had great experiences with Yew flames for cooking.

Some folks swear by them, and they can also be very effective for cleaning up.

The Yew flame burns extremely hot, but they have a low fire-proof rating.7.

Yuki Flame: Yuki is a popular and popular burner for those in the business of creating fires.

Yoru is a really good burner for small fires and it is easy to clean up with a cloth.

Yiru is also great if you have a fire to burn, but be aware that you should not use Yoru if you are outdoors.8.

Yurikiri Flame: If you like to make a fire, Yuriku is the burner for you.

This flame is a great way to light a fire.

Yuru is a pretty small burner, and its high burn-resist rating means it’s a great option for home-cooking fires.9.

Yuri Flame: You’ll often hear about Yuri burns as the most expensive burners.

This one is our favorite for home cooks, because its fire resistance makes it easy to keep an incense burning long after the fire has died down.

Yori burns are also very strong, but the Yuri flame is light and compact.

The only drawback to this burner is the high price tag.10.

Tritium Fire: Tritite is the easiest and cheapest way to burn tinder.

Tinder is the fuel that creates the smoke that you’re smoking.

Tires, wood chips, and other materials can also burn with the tinder, so it’s important to know what you’re using to create the fire.

It’s a little trickier to clean your incense than a regular flame, but if you can, it’s worth the effort.

The Tritfire burns extremely well.11.

Soma Flame: Soma burns really hot, so don’t expect to be able to use it for cooking or cooking

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