A new hand incense burner called Goop Incense Burner uses a proprietary blend of herbs to create a unique burning experience for your home.

In this video, we talk to the creator about the design of the burner and what it takes to make it practical.

Goop Incence Burner, designed by the makers of GoopIncense, uses a blend of herb extracts to create the burning experienceYou can learn more about Goop’s incense burning products here:The burner features a glass bowl, which has a metal tip and a glass lid, that opens with a lever.

The burner opens with pressure, and the burner is designed to allow the user to inhale the vapor from the herb burning.

The GoopBurner is powered by a battery that lasts up to six hours of continuous use.

The Goop incantation is the same as that of other burner types, but Goop also includes a new incense incense flavor.

The incense is available in two different flavors, “Gummy Girl” and “Kitten,” and Goop says that you can choose from any of these flavors and burn with them.

The incense can also be burned in a hot oven, or you can add it to a candle and use it as a lanyard or as a light source for candles.

The burners are also water-resistant and don’t require an external source of power.

The burner also has a lid that can be used to protect it from water, which is helpful when you’re camping or in a cabin.

If you don’t want to worry about water damage, Goop recommends that you wear protective gear.

The company also provides instructions on how to clean the burner.

When you purchase the Goop burner, you can also get a custom incense oil that’s a little more expensive, at $15 a bottle.

Goop said that they plan to make the GoOP burners available for purchase in the US as well as Canada and the European Union later this year.

Goopy Incense has a new website that will offer more information on its incense products and a video tutorial that explains how to set up the burner for a new user.

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