By Yves LohmanThe blockchain is one of the most anticipated technologies to come out of the blockchain ecosystem.

It is being touted as a decentralized network that can connect multiple parties and is designed to eliminate intermediaries, such as banks and banks’ payment processors, from the equation.

But a new blockchain technology called Aagi has become a hot topic, as the name implies, a burning incense burner.

This new blockchain project, which is part of the network, aims to build an alternative to the traditional financial services sector, where a financial institution pays the seller of an item, such an incense, for its use.

The seller then sends the money to a third party, the buyer, who pays the financial institution and the third party receives the funds.

The third party then pays the buyer again, and so on.

In the Aagi blockchain, payments are made through a decentralized payment network called the

Aagi was originally announced in January 2017, and its team was founded in October 2017.

The website describes it as a “global distributed ledger system designed for the efficient, secure, and cost-effective delivery of digital assets.”

Its founders say it aims to “empower and simplify the entire financial system by making payments more efficient, less expensive, and less time consuming.”

It has raised more than $4.5 million from a number of investors including Tencent Holdings, Blockchain Capital, and Chinese state-owned enterprises.

But it is currently in early stages of testing.

Its team claims that the system is capable of handling over 1.5 billion transactions per second, though it has yet to officially announce the system’s actual throughput.

It has also not yet made any announcements about its technical specifications.

The new Aagi platform, dubbed Aagi for All, has a simple and clear purpose: to eliminate middlemen from the financial system.

As part of this, the Aaga project says that it aims at “reducing intermediaries to the minimum.”

The Aagi team claims the project has already taken steps to streamline the financial industry.

In a Medium post, it said, “We are currently working to improve the blockchain to ensure its security, speed, and interoperability with existing platforms.

The Aagi project has made significant improvements to the scalability of Aagi and has made it more resilient to malicious actors, cyber attacks, and other malicious behavior.”

However, some people who have been following the project’s progress have raised concerns that the project is being marketed as a payment platform, with no clear role for the middleman., which provides daily analysis of the cryptocurrency market, tweeted out a picture of a screenshot from the Aagis blockchain.

Aagi’s website claims that it is an “alternative to the existing financial services ecosystem,” but many observers questioned the legitimacy of the Aangis platform.

“I don’t understand how this company has a clear mission,” one Reddit user said.

“It’s more of a marketing ploy to get more people to use their services.”

Aagi’s main rival, , launched a similar platform in February, and the two are currently in the process of testing a beta version.

Aigis team, however, says that Aagi does not aim to replace banks, and instead aims to solve the problem of intermediaries that “can be costly and difficult to audit and control.”

In December, Aagi announced that it was partnering with two major blockchain firms, ConsenSys and Chain, to launch a payment system called Xtreme, a blockchain platform that will allow users to transfer funds between two parties, such that they can transact without banks.

The platform will also allow users and businesses to pay for goods and services using Bitcoin.

“The goal is to make financial institutions more transparent and trustworthy,” the Aigas team said in a Medium video.

“We want to make it easy for consumers and businesses alike to send money, pay for things, and transact in real time, without a middleman.”

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