We finally have a trailer for “The Darkness,” the third instalment in the “Viking” series, and it’s all in black and white, and the trailer looks very impressive.

The new trailer is available for viewing on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, as well as on the Warner Bros. website, and will be available on February 12.

Here’s a brief description of the new teaser: “When a young man named Eriksen (Erik Karlsson) goes missing, the Viking world’s ruling body, the Council of Thirteen, begins to unravel.

And when a mysterious new incense burns, a darkness that is both ancient and dangerous is awakened.”

As with previous trailers for the series, the teaser contains a teaser that takes place in a world that isn’t in the United States.

It’s also a bit different from previous trailers in that it uses a black-and-white camera angle, as opposed to the usual color-based angle used in the trailers.

In the trailer, Eriksson is described as “a quiet, gentle, well-educated man” who is a member of the Council, which is a governing body of the Viking religion.

He’s also described as having a “warm, generous personality”.

Eriksson’s disappearance has been ruled a suicide, as has the death of the leader of the council, the King of the Vikings, Jarl Erik.

But it’s also been ruled that Erikson may have been killed by a mysterious and powerful dark force.

The trailer shows a young Eriksan sitting in the chair in the middle of the room, watching a video in the background, and then turning to look at a small window, which looks out on the countryside outside the city of Hvar, where the video has been played.

It then cuts to a montage of scenes, which are shown in black- and-white, with a series of shots of the countryside, with the camera zoomed in on Erikss face and eyes.

Here’s a video of the trailer:The teaser opens with a clip of a person walking down the street.

Then, in black & white, the person is described in more detail.

Eriksens face is seen as a “giant” with “huge eyes” and “big hands”.

He has short, spiky black hair, which seems to have been cut short in order to hide his tattoos.

The first scene of the teaser shows a scene of Eriks, Jari, and their friends playing a game of chess, where Jari and Jari’s sister have a huge board, which Jari plays with Eriks.

The board is shown to be empty, with nothing on it except for a chess piece.

The next scene shows Eriks sitting on the ground, and looking at the chess piece on the chess board.

This is the scene that will be shown in the trailer.

Next, a shot of Eikers wife sitting next to him, with Jari in the foreground.

He has a large, round face and an open mouth.

Jari has long hair, a goatee, and a red and white beard.

The trailer shows that Eikerman has long, red hair.

Finally, a montaged shot of Jari sitting on Eik’s chair.

The footage shows that she has long blonde hair and is wearing a blue-and blue striped top with a red stripe across the top, which matches the shirt on Jari.

In “The First Light”, a few months earlier, Janna had left the Council and had joined the Norse Gods.

Janna was described in the teaser as “kind, gentle” and as being a “witty woman”.

The trailer describes her as being “a strong and independent woman”, with “an infectious laugh”.

The trailer then shows Eik in the forest, looking up at the sky, which appears to be full of black smoke.

Eriksen, Jana, and Janna are seen playing chess in the woods.

The chess piece appears to have fallen down.

Eik looks up and says: “This is the darkest moment of all.”

Erikser then says, “The darkest, darkest moment of my life.”

Eriks and Jana are seen in the distance.

They’re walking down a path with the chess pieces on the sides.

In the background is the burning incense in a large flame.

Jana says, in the voiceover, “You don’t need to be afraid.

This will be the beginning of something new.

This fire will be our light.”

Erik says, looking over the path, “This will be a new beginning.

It is the beginning.

And this is the last.

It will be what I’ve always wanted.”

The teaser then cuts back to Jana and Eriks in the tree

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